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Chapter 11 Archives

Popular restaurant in need of financial reorganization

Many businesses have faced periods of highs and lows throughout years of operation. With business models changing on a daily basis, owners in Maryland are often required to form new plans to adapt accordingly. In some cases, low periods can be challenging to overcome, prompting a need to consider financial reorganization. A famous restaurant in another state is facing a similar situation after it has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Online shops spur a need for reorganization in other businesses

Many different business models experience change over a given period of time. When shopping malls came into popularity, many other businesses began to struggle to compete, with consumers flocking to these new areas. In recent years, many companies have made products available through online shopping, which has, in turn, caused a decrease in revenue for certain stores within Maryland malls. Many of these stores are now in need of financial reorganization, and some may consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Financial reorganization beneficial for businesses in Maryland

Owning and operating a business presents many challenges. Business owners in Maryland typically want to keep up with competitors, prompting a need for additional revenue. Making the decision to expand operations to new locations could result in major profits, but there may be some risk involved as well. If the expansion does not go as well as intended, the company may be in need of financial reorganization.

Hostess reorganization is a sweet success

It was a dark day for many lovers of delicious snack cakes when Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. It was not only Doomsday preppers who rushed to stockpile the iconic desserts. The pain of many in Maryland was felt as people posted over social media their heartache at losing their favorite sweets. Meanwhile, those within the company began its reorganization.  

Maryland taxis begin reorganization to compete with ride-shares

Recent innovations have given birth to an industry that combines an old service with new technology. Ride sharing allows people to use their own vehicles to earn money providing rides for others by way of a Smartphone app. While ride-sharing companies are wildly successful, it seems that progress may not be good for everyone. Traditional cab companies in Maryland are finding themselves in need of financial reorganization.

Reorganization of debts under Chapter 11 bankruptcy

In order to benefit from the protections provided by Chapter 11 bankruptcy, one must file a petition with the appropriate bankruptcy court. This type of bankruptcy allows for the reorganization of debts, which can provide the petitioner with a way to halt collections efforts against an individual or organization. Most who file for Chapter 11 are business organizations, but individuals may be eligible for this option as well. 

We can assist businesses in Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be an intimidating prospect, both for an individual and for a business. Fortunately, we have experience helping both people and businesses navigate the complexities of the bankruptcy process and find solutions to their unique concerns. We are dedicated to the prosperous futures of Maryland businesses in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Reorganization in Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Is it the best option?

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses may find themselves facing insurmountable debt burdens that they cannot pay off. When these difficult financial situations arise, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a viable option. Under this Bankruptcy Code option, reorganization through a court-approved plan can provide the means for Maryland businesses or qualified individuals to address their financial obligations. 

Bankruptcy for individuals can become complicated

No two Maryland families who seek bankruptcy protection will have the exact same set of needs. Each case is unique and is the result of the particular circumstances of the individual or individuals who are seeking debt relief. In many cases, bankruptcy for individuals can become highly complex, especially when business interests are involved.

No shame for Maryland businesses in Chapter 11

Filing for bankruptcy is never a joyous occasion, but business owners should avoid thinking of the matter as an indication of failure. In fact, research conducted by the U.S. Small Business Association revealed that many businesses with fewer than 500 employees emerged from bankruptcy to find new levels of success in the years to follow. Maryland businesses in Chapter 11 are often able to fare far better in the years after a bankruptcy than they did in the years that preceded that action.  

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