Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses

Every day in Montgomery County and the surrounding communities of Maryland, people are charged with serious misdemeanor crimes and are suddenly facing severe consequences. A conviction for a misdemeanor in Maryland can have you facing penalties ranging from heavy fines to jail time and your criminal record may follow you around for the rest of your life.

At The Law Offices of Richard B. Rosenblatt, PC, our criminal defense attorneys represent clients who have been charged with a variety of misdemeanor crimes. Our lawyers each have over a decade of experience, and provide aggressive legal service and personal attention that protects our clients' rights. We are dedicated to providing a high level of service and helping our clients to understand the potential consequences they face and the options they have.

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Our firm provides criminal defense for individuals accused of misdemeanor crimes, including:

Any criminal conviction can have a serious impact on your future. While these are lesser offenses than felonies, misdemeanors can still result in limits in obtaining employment and difficulty obtaining a loan, housing or scholarships due to the impact of having a criminal record. Do not take a chance by failing to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for your case.

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If you or someone you love has been arrested for a misdemeanor offense in Montgomery County, Maryland, contact us to get the experienced criminal defense you need to protect your rights. At The Law Offices of Richard B. Rosenblatt, PC, we offer a free initial consultation to every prospective client. Contact our Rockville, Maryland, misdemeanor defense attorneys today at 301-637-0402 to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.