Forbearance Agreements With Banks and Lenders

The downturn in the economy has affected all corners of society. If you are facing the threat of foreclosure on your home or office property, obtain experienced legal help. Lenders are often unwilling to negotiate directly with property owners behind on their mortgage. A highly skilled debt relief attorney can make all the difference in striking a deal to preserve your financial future.

At The Law Offices of Richard B. Rosenblatt, PC, we are committed to helping residential and commercial property owners solve their debt problems, while maintaining their house or office space. Our legal team has experience negotiating with lenders to avoid foreclosure with forbearance agreements.

Through forbearance agreements, lenders agree to delay payments for a short time until property owners are back on their feet. Contact our law firm today to meet with an experienced Prince George's County forbearance agreement attorney. We are committed to helping you explore viable solutions to stop foreclosure.

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Forbearance agreements are designed to help individuals faced with a temporary setback such as a divorce, personal injury or job loss. Our legal team is available to negotiate with your lender to allow a temporary hold on your mortgage payments. Lenders are more likely to consider a forbearance agreement as a short-term solution. An agreement beyond six months is unlikely.

Commonly, property owners have to agree to repay mortgage arrears as additional payments over six to 12 months. The missed payments are placed into a repayment plan for property owners to make regular mortgage payments in addition to a catch-up payment every six to 12 months. Based on the terms of a forbearance agreement, they are well suited for individuals faced with short-term financial strains.

Based on the right circumstance, forbearance agreements can be an effective way to help commercial and residential property owners overcome financial setbacks and get back on track with their mortgage payments. Our legal team will evaluate your situation to determine if this is the right solution for you, because forbearance agreements do not wipe away debt, but only delay mortgage payments.

Our founding attorney, Richard Rosenblatt, has extensive experience handling loan agreement negotiations. For more than 20 years, he has offered strategic debt relief solutions and foreclosure defense throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. He will apply his years of experience and legal skills to help you avoid foreclosure.

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