The Law Offices of Richard B. Rosenblatt, PC, has successfully obtained loan modifications for hundreds of clients since the programs started in 2009. Even before the loan modification programs, we used to get modifications that were more like forbearance agreements, which would give time for the homeowner to pay a little extra with each monthly loan payment to catch up on the back amount. However, this only worked if the homeowner was not too far behind. Now under the HAMP and In-House Loan Modifications sponsored by lenders and loan servicers, there are opportunities to resolve significant arrearages. We recently obtained a loan modification where an arrearage of $134,000.00 was rolled into the note and the loan period was extended. This was based on the In-House loan modification offered by the lender as the HAMP program does not apply if the loan is delinquent for more than 1 year.