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Finding Solutions That Focus On Individual Needs

Consumer bankruptcy: The impact debt can have on one’s health

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Chapter 7 |

Many individuals in Maryland and across the country have experienced the burdens of debt at some point in life. Although the financial weight of debt can be troublesome enough as is, studies suggest that these issues can also impact a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Those who are dealing with a similar circumstance may wish to protect this area of life, and they could find it beneficial to consider pursuing relief through consumer bankruptcy.

According to studies, financial concerns are the leading cause of stress in the nation. Many individuals are already living from paycheck to paycheck, and the financial instability of being unable to save for an emergency can put an emotional strain on a person. If these issues persist, the stress of overwhelming monetary burdens could also create deeper emotional issues, potentially causing one to suffer from conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Studies also suggest that financial troubles can impact a person’s physical health as well. Stress can cause one to experience problems with sleep patterns, and may also lead to a rise in blood pressure. A lack of savings and the high cost of medical treatment could also cause a person to avoid seeking attention for these issues, which can be detrimental to his or her overall well-being.

Individuals who experience prolonged periods of financial hardships may wish to safeguard their health, but they might be uncertain where to turn for assistance. By speaking with an experienced attorney, a person could obtain advice in making informed decisions concerning his or her financial future. An attorney in Maryland can address a client’s situation and assist in pursuing relief from the stress of debt through consumer bankruptcy.

Source: NBC News, “Most of Us Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck. This Is What It Does to Your Health.”, Vivian Manning-Schaffel, Accessed on Nov. 19, 2017

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