Client Reviews

I had an Estate matter that I hired Richard for. Richard was very good in dealing with the Judges as there were 3 with the Orphan’s court. He was excellent at representation too. He understood the dynamic of the opposing parties, this was a family matter and we were all siblings, and was so helpful in keeping everyone calm and on tract and fair. When there was a settlement offer presented Richard was great at not accepting it and counter offering for something better. The retainer fee was lower than most other attorneys that I had called and the total bill was very fair and affordable. I would definitely recommend Richard Rosenblatt for your case.


Richard and his firm are amazing. He not only helped with settlement negotiations but aided my family in the process when I was no longer available. He is an outstanding attorney! I would recommend his services to anyone who needs a strong and knowledgeable attorney by their side.


I’ve referred numerous clients to Richard Rosenblatt. He’s been fair and responsive. The results have been outstanding. He is brilliant! I would recommend that only Mr. Rosenblatt be considered when going to court. Anyone else would be a mistake, which won’t be discovered until after the fact.

Carolyn T.

I am so happy that I discovered the Law offices of Richard Rosenblatt ❤!  His team is absolutely phenomenal.  They are very responsive,  caring, competent and know the law, but most importantly,  they know how to represent you in any case; be it bankruptcy,  divorce or otherwise.  They won’t nickle and dime you like other firms draining your retainer with every little call or email.  Your money truly goes towards winning your case with skillful representation.  I actually fired 3 attorneys who depleted me financially.  When I turned to Richard Rosenblatt,  he made every last penny count and gave me peace of mind in many respects.

Mr. Rosenblatt and staff, I can’t thank you enough for all you and your team did to represent my complicated cases. You will have my services if I should find myself, ever, in need of assistance.  Life happens to us all, many things out of our control. It is best to have this firm in your corner when that happens. You can’t find better protection with a track record of winning consistently.  I highly recommend this firm. If you are looking for a lawyer who knows the law, yet is still human, compassionate,  patient and has the ability to FIGHT for your RIGHTS,  then, look no further.  Do not make the same mistakes i did by hiring cheap lawyers.  You will waste your money. Instead, come to the one stop shop, an attorney with a heart ❤.  You will be very happy you did. I sure am and will always remain greatful. He truly has allowed me to rebuild my life and have a future.  Again, GRATITUDE!


“This firm handled my case. They were very professional, and my attorney worked out a deal with the prosecutor, so we only had to go to court once, and I got community service. They were efficient, affective and very friendly. Nice to work with.”

– Anonymous

“Richard figured out a way to help when other lawyers said it was not worth it to pursue. Thank you”

– Anonymous

“Richard Rosenblatt represented me in a very difficult family case. After a long and involved process, the outcome was better than I expected! Thank you!!”

– Lauren T.

“Richard Rosenblatt is one of the best attorneys in the area. Highly recommended”

– Anonymous

“The law firm of Richard Rosenblatt achieved everything that was promised. The mitigated our mortgage and achieved all the goals we were looking for. Our mortgage company was forced to recast our loan to much better terms. Thanks to the firm of Richard Rosenblatt!”

– Anonymous

“The firm of Richard Rosenblatt achieved everything for me and my wife were looking for and more. Mr. Rosenblatt was able to force our current lender into recasting our mortgage at a lower rate and drop off all the mortgage rates. He is extremely knowledgeable and will work hard to solve all your problems.”

– Ray M.

“I reached out to the law firm of Richard B. Rosenblatt in April of this year (2014). I found myself in a very complicated situation with my home. His staff was able to provide me with sound advice and relieved our stress level while working through this legal issue.”

– Darryl

“I’ve hired Richard twice. Each time it was for litigation. Richard is terrific on his feet. He is smart and confident. He is able to assess the situation and act swiftly. I’ve talked to some other people who Richard has represented. We all agreed that if and when we go to court, we’d like to have Richard represent us. We all have confidence that we will prevail when we work with Richard.”

– Carolyn

“I worked with Attorney Richard Rosenblatt for many years in regard to moving forward on a case. Every year or two I would stop and see Rosenblatt about my issue. As he advised me on the case, I noticed he was very knowledgeable and his expertise on the subject matter was very helpful to help me move forward. The long of the short with his advice I was able to move forward with proceeding on having the case resolve. Even though, I kept dragging my feet on the issue and talk to him many times. When I was ready to move forward he was right there. Not only is Richard Rosenblatt and EXCELLENT attorney he is a GREAT person. I highly recommend any case you have, Go and See Attorney Rosenblatt and his Team. He is “They are the Best”. In addition, he has a Great Team of Employees as well. Thank you all.”


“My experience was GREAT!!!! I’m going through a difficult situation with my mortgage. I was so worried and stressed. After meeting with Mr. Rosenblatt all of my fears and worries were gone!!! He is so knowledgeable, helpful and kind!!! What I most appreciated was his realness. He lays everything straight on the table for you. I recommend Mr. Rosenblatt to anyone in need of legal help!!!”

– Della D.

“I met with Richard to discuss using his firm to re-negotiate some very unfavorable mortgages. I had five loans on five properties. Richard met with me without obligation and told me that he might not prevail on all of them, but that a favorable outcome might be possible on some of them. I hired Richards’s firm and was very happy I did. Communication was clear, rapid, and expert. Each case was carefully handled. We ended up prevailing on 3 out of the 5, resulting in a multi-thousand dollar savings on each property, each year. Richards’s services were a great value to me and I am very happy I used his firm, and grateful for the help I received. I don’t think anyone could have done better!”


“Although we were denied forbearance, a modification was established just before we successfully sold our home. The Law firm of Richard Rosenblatt expertly navigated the tedious banking process so often loathed by homeowners in desperate need of review and we were grateful his team handled the process with professionalism, keeping us informed at every turn. We would recommend Rosenblatt to anyone in similar tidewater!”

– Bob and Judy

“Richard Rosenblatt and his law firm did a great job in representing me when my siblings tried unsuccessfully to have me disqualified as the personal representative for my father’s estate. He first tried diligently to resolve the issues by agreement and when that did not work, he was prepared to successfully defend my rights in Court. He also carefully prepared me for my testimony and explained what was relevant to keep me on track as this was an emotional experience for me. He accurately assessed the Judge’s demeanor during the proceeding and we prevailed in court. I have the utmost confidence in his wisdom, skill and capabilities and highly recommend him to handle legal disputes.”

– Carolyn T.

“I have unfortunately had to go to court many times over the years for custody of my children. Mr. Rosenblatt’s office helped me to finally prevail for their sake. Richard spoke with my older son and was compassionate and wise in how he handled what he said. Richard’s counsel was always savvy and realistic, and he understands well the expenses involved and how they impact what is possible and desirable. My highest recommendation to Richard for anyone dealing with family law matters.”

– Martin

“My experience was fantastic. At Law offices of Richard Rosemblatt, I experienced kindness, professionalism, and humanity throughout the process of dealing with the act of legal suit designed to intimate and frighten me. Mr. Richard Rosemblatt is a wonderful person who is running a wonderful law office filled with very wonderful people. I hope I do not have any more legal problems. However, should anybody try to intimidate me through the legal system, I am confident that I have the best lawyer anybody can have. I will recommend this law firm any time any day. I am seizing this channel to thank these wonderful people at the Law offices of Richard Rosemblatt.”