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5 reasons students can graduate with a lot of credit card debt

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | credit card debt |

College is often a time of growth, learning and exploration.

However, for many students, it also marks the beginning of a journey fraught with financial challenges. One can be managing credit card debt.

1. Lack of financial education

Many college students enter higher education without a solid understanding of personal finance. They may not understand how credit cards work, how to budget effectively or how to manage debt. Without this knowledge, they may misuse credit cards and accumulate high levels of debt.

For example, without proper financial literacy, students may carry balances, make only minimum payments or max out their cards. These practices can result in high-interest charges and long-term debt accumulation, making it tricky to repay balances. Dealing with huge loads of debt can seem overwhelming, but there are options.

2. Easy access to credit cards

Credit card companies often target colleges, offering students enticing sign-up bonuses and easy access to credit. This accessibility can tempt students into getting cards without fully understanding the responsibilities and potential consequences.

3. Emergencies and unexpected expenses

College life is unpredictable. Students may encounter unexpected expenses such as medical bills, car repairs or textbook costs. Without savings or other financial resources, they may turn to credit cards as a quick solution, adding to their debt burden.

4. Peer pressure and social expectations

Students may feel pressure to keep up with their peers in terms of lifestyle and spending habits. This pressure can lead them to use credit cards excessively, even for nonessential purchases. For example, in a survey, 46% of students said they used their credit cards to accumulate debt on impulsive purchases and other nonessentials.

5. Lack of income

Many college students have limited or no income. Without a steady source of money, they may rely on credit cards to cover basic expenses such as groceries or utility bills, further adding to their debt.

Some college students graduate with significant credit card debt for various reasons. Fortunately, the debt is not necessarily something that has to follow them for a lifetime.

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