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Finding Solutions That Focus On Individual Needs

Protective Orders: Help For Domestic Violence Survivors

If you are a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault in Maryland, you can get a protective order (restraining order) from the court. While you can try to do this yourself, it is often easier and more effective to have a lawyer do it for you.

At The Law Offices of Richard B. Rosenblatt, PC, in Rockville, we help people in these situations get the protection they need from an abuser. Whether it is solely for you or for other members of your family, a protective order can restrict the person who is harassing or abusing you from having any contact with you. We can guide you through the legal process for getting protective orders and represent you at any hearings before a judge. This ensures the protective order is filed correctly.

Who Qualifies For Protective Orders?

In Maryland, there are specific relationships/relationship statuses/conditions that allow you to get protective orders against the abuser, including:

  • Marriage, separation and divorce
  • Living together currently or previously in a sexual relationship
  • Related by marriage, adoption or blood
  • You share a child
  • You are a survivor of rape or attempted rape/sexual offense in the prior six months
  • You are an adult who needs a guardianship, is disabled or has other special needs

If none of these apply to your situation, you may be able to get a peace order instead. Just talk with us if you have questions about this.

What Can A Protective Order Do For Me And My Family?

In general, a protective order can mandate that the abuser do the following:

  • Stop all contact with you and your children
  • Stop the abuse, harassment or threats of violence
  • Refrain from being near your house, workplace or school

In addition, the order can require the other person to move out of your house and may deny them temporary custody of any children you share.

If the order is made permanent, it will be valid for a maximum of one year. Depending on the situation, you may ask for a six-month extension. Final orders also allow you to receive spousal and/or child support.

Learn More About How An Attorney Can Help To Protect You

This is a summary of protective orders and their benefits. For an in-depth conversation about how they may apply to your family, or if you need to file a protective order, please call us at 301-637-0402 or contact us online. Your consultation is free.

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