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April 2016 Archives

Bankruptcy protection may allow a fresh financial start

Consumers in Maryland may agree that credit cards are necessary evils in the lives of most people. While many individuals have resorted to bankruptcy protection due to overwhelming credit card debt, those little plastic cards have helped many consumers to buy homes and cars. Not that consumers use credit cards to purchase such items, but the responsible use of credit cards can lead to higher credit scores that are vital in applications for car loans or mortgages.

Actress and husband seek bankruptcy protection

The recent bankruptcy filing by actress Tisha Campbell and her husband illustrates the fact that anyone can find him- or herself in need of debt relief, even people who have achieved a high level of success within their industry. Campbell is best known for her role as Gina on the hit television show "Martin," in which she played the girlfriend of comedian and actor Martin Lawrence. Despite having a successful acting career and expanding into other creative projects, Campbell and her husband found that they could not cover their debts, and they took action to seek bankruptcy protection, a choice made by many Maryland residents.  

Successful, educated NFL player sought bankruptcy protection

Often, when the issue of personal bankruptcy comes up, it is viewed as some sort of personal shortcoming. Many Maryland residents believe that the only way that they could require bankruptcy protection is if they made irresponsible choices or squandered their money. In reality, however, anyone can find themselves in need of bankruptcy relief, even individuals who have seemingly done everything right in managing their money.

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